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Avoiding to contribute on Quora anymore

With all the benefits of a social media platform, there is not much to gain for a contributor to

The content published on that website came at the expense of my free time that I have spent on researching a subject, and time to compose meaningful answers to questions raise. And, it takes a lot of reading and digesting information to produce relevant information on the subject of choice. Given that the subject of choice was History, I got to a point in which people in my real community of friends became puzzled by my deep knowledge on topics that are as irrelevant to our day to day concerns as it takes. My wife started to complain about me spending time on non sense, and my real friends on not giving much attention on subjects that really matter today. Also the false sense of gaining a community of contributors evaporated when I realized that I could not generate much traffic of readers to this Blogging website

In the end I gave up on the habit of researching Historical subjects and posting on Quora to save my free time on issues that really matter to me today

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