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Isidor Iesan a deception

Someone I correspond with regarding historical subjects recommended me to read from Isidor Ieşan, an amateur historian who lived and wrote in Romanian language in Bosnia Hercegovina at the beginning of the 1900s. His book 'SECTA PATERENAIN BALCANI SI IN DACIA-TRAIANA' is available for download in PDF format.

Before leaving for a brief vacation to Mexico last December, I have uploaded the PDF file into my iPad with the intention to read it and review its content.

Although I have found a few interesting references in it too, I could not verify the assertions of the author. Thus at page 67, where Iesan writes that Eustathius of Thessalonica in his Epitaph to Manuel Komnenos refers to the colonization of the Balkans (Poonia) with Vlachs, that is a false statement. It does not exist in that source.

Also his citation of William of Rubruck at page 68 is false. The Franciscan monk only touches the meaning of the word Blakia referring to Bulgaria.

All in all, reading his book was a waste of time. Very amateurish.

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