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More research and waste of time

I am feeling it is time to give it a break on posting to Quora yet again. There is to much politicizing of the subject on that platform. Digging into the past of the pre Medieval Romance speaking population in Eastern Europe is a difficult task by itself for the lack of written sources. Even more so when some drive the subject into debates on contemporary issue which I am not much interested too

So far, I came across a few interesting information regarding the Romance speaking population in the pre Medieval times (10 to 13th century) regarding the whereabouts of such people. Thus, I was able to verify the information about some Vlach travellers getting involved in the murdering of David of Bulgaria in year 976 AD somewhere in the vicinity of Lake Ohrid in Central Balkans by Cedrenus. Also, I was able to find a reference to a Royal Charter issued by Stephen I of Hungary in 1004 AD with immunities granted for the Hungarians and the Valachians living at that time in Transilvania and an interesting conversation of a Varangian with a short lived Kievan Rus ruler points to them (the Valachians) as source of mercenaries

All the above is rather a waste of time. I need to think of a reason to continue digging in this domain so I am taking a break yet again

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