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The story begins

The main character of my new story is Daniel Pasca. He is a Canadian successful entrepreneur with interested in adventure. He comes with an interesting legacy of the past that makes his connected to history though memories of discussions with his late father, Luca Pasca, a professor of History

The first novel is about the search for a long lost treasury. The story goes that in the Hunnic gold was taken over by the rebellious Gepids only to be reclaimed by the Late Romans who hid it somewhere in the Carpathian Mountains. A long tradition of that treasure was passed on though folklore and snippets of stories, down through generations up to the times of Luca

Luca spent a lifetime researching that topic. It would have been just a boring one about hidden treasures that only inspired generations on Gold rushes, if not for an very intriguing association with an ancient controversy that put an end to the Roman Empire

Daniel is piecing together his father's research in a quest of rediscovery of his own self. At the end of the first novel awaits the long lost holy grail of wisdom that is better that gold or any Hunnic treasure

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